Wednesday, 30 November 2011

No time for pleasantrees

This is written with a sense of urgency that the event demands. The WWF vision of 100% renewable energy is immediate and worthwhile , according to members of theLink audience who had opportunity to voice their concerns about the state of Uganda's energy economy. Solutions abound, think solar at the equator however as Oryem, the inventor, pointed out the knowledge and ability to apply these solutions is thin on the ground.

It is a challenge that has to be met and many in the audience are not shirking and infact want to be involved. It remains to be seen whether this activism can take root, for instance it will be interesting to find out how many in the audience and watching at home will accept Julius Wandera's invite to the public to come to the ERA office in Nakasero and review UMEME's application for contract renewal.

Ahh, UMEME, everybody's favourite whipping boy, if you think your job is hard, try working for UMEME specifically home (dis) connections that is an occupation(al) hazard.

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